Q: Using the Weblease system, how much will it cost in advance for my business to have a custom made site designed for us ?

A. Nothing (until after we start work). We offer a service that designs and hosts a web site for your company, based on information you give us, pictures and graphics provided by you which you may already have. We can use your existing brochures, publicity material and documentation to provide your business with a professionally designed web site that promotes your company online and compliments your overall marketing strategy and we also arrange for our own professional photographs to be taken to make sure your website is specific and personalised to your business. Once we start working, we need one months payment and then we aim to have your site ready in four weeks so that your standing order can then start.

Q. So how do we pay for the Website ?

A. We will charge an agreed monthly fee over an agreed period of months that will cover the cost of the production of the website, the hosting of the website, monthly maintenance, emails and all the associated services that you will need to run your website.

Q. How long do we have to keep paying the agreement for and how much will it cost per month.?

A. That depends on exactly what your business wants. All of our websites and packages are custom made to YOUR requirements and while we can give example sites and prices as a guideline, we will also provide you with specific costs before you have to pay a penny.  We also have a number of pre-calculated plans which are ideal for small and start-up businesses.  These are illustrated on our “Prices” page.

Q. If my company starts off with quite a small website, can we upgrade at any time ?

A. Yes, you can upgrade your website at any time with more pages, online shopping facilities, up-rated graphics – and any future changes that technology brings. Unlike buying one, “Old fashioned” web site, Web Lease allows you to upgrade your website to take advantage of changes in future technology.

Q. Can I cancel my website agreement at any time ?

A. Yes, you can cancel your agreement, subject to a minimum payment in total as we obviously need to cover our initial set up costs, so it is not unreasonable for us to recoup this if your business changes its marketing strategy.  This will all be laid out in detail before you commit yourself and our basic offers are fully costed in our “Prices” section.

Frequently Asked Questions