Weboriel.  The Web-design and hosting company from Llandrindod Wells, Powys, in the Heart Of Wales

Photographic Services

Wherever possible, when we are designing a website for you, we would prefer to have images that are personal to and directly relate to your business (or club or organisation).  We will include the professional photography within the cost of your site if you operate within our catchment area.  If you prefer to use your own photographs, that is quite acceptable, but we will require our completed copyright forms to be completed and that the image is of a high enough standard.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a discount if we use your own photography, as we will probably still need to undertake post-production work with those images.

Weboriel do not offer a photographic service other than for the websites we are working with, HOWEVER, we strongly recommend that if you need commercial photographic images for either online or printed use, you look at the following website:                         

Philip Curnow, their main photographer, not only shoots most of Weboriel’s requirements, but also photographs for a number of other local and national design, advertising and PR companies.

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